Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions! We’ve taken the ones that are asked the most and put them here. Don’t see the answer to your question, contact us here and we’ll get it answered!

Q: How many aircraft do you operate with?

A: We are currently only operating with a single 172. As our numbers and needs grow we will purchase additional aircraft of different types. Including high performance, complex, and multi engine.

Q: How many members does the club have?

A: We accept members based off aircraft demand. We try to keep a balance of membership to usage so everyone has a good opportunity to use our aircraft. If we have high demand, we stop accepting new members until we can purchase additional aircraft.

Q: What do you do about scheduling conflicts?

A: We know that our members are going to want to schedule our aircraft during the same time frame. We use scheduling software to accommodate all our members so they can schedule as needed. But if we see single members consistently scheduling the aircraft at high demand times, we will work with all parties involved to make sure everyone has a equal chance to utilize our aircraft.

If you are running into a scheduling conflict, please let us know!

Q: How do I join the club?

A: Our club is easy to join. Contact us through our contacts form and let us know you’re interested. We’ll setup a time to meet with you and the plane. Time permitting we’ll do a quick checkout flight. If everything is good, we ask for a $500 joining and application fee. This fee covers your first months dues and a ramp pass (PPL Required) if needed. Each month thereafter your monthly dues will be only $250. Best part is, your monthly dues get you 2 hours in the 172!

Q: Do you offer bulk rates outside of the monthly dues?

A: We do offer bulk pricing to our members. Please contact us at our contacts page for information on bulk hour pricing.

Q: Can I use your aircraft to train in?

A: YES! We have several trainers who are approved to work with students in our aircraft. You can check them out on our approved trainers page. Coordinate with them for scheduling the aircraft and gaining access to the airplane. Club membership is still required and gate passes are not available to students until after solo flight.

Q: What if I can't fly but want to maintain membership?

A: We want you to maintain membership just as much as you do, but we understand there are circumstances where members are unable to fly for one reason or another. In such an event, please contact us to talk about a reduction in your monthly dues until you are able to fly again.